Supporting wellbeing and happiness within Social Care/ Disability Sector

‘We cannot stop the waves but we can learn to surf’ Jon Kabat Zinn

Supporting Social Care Organisations with governance, management and ongoing developments in good practice especially through times of transition.

Mindful Facilitation Experience in supporting Social Care

I have over twenty year’s experience in supporting Social Care organisations in Ireland. Building on my experience of working directly within social care across a variety of roles over many years I intentionally transitioned to an external support role for often very stretched organisations. I now focus primarily on providing external facilitation, strategic planning, project evaluation, significant change management supports, team and Board capacity development, as well as training and supervision for middle and senior managers.

Mindful Facilitation Approach to the current challenges and opportunities

I have been practicing mindfulness for twenty years and have developed and delivered trainings and workshops on mindfulness and resilience, and mindful leadership to many organisations within the Not for Profit sector in Ireland, including for Social Care Ireland and Social Care Training Ireland. My interest in this area and specifically in the poor integration of mindfulness within social care (while it continues to gain traction across business, education and health sectors in Ireland and elsewhere) became the focus for an MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions which I recently completed with UCD.
I believe that the combination of my experience as a management consultant with supporting organisations through times of conflict and change together with my skill in developing evidence based approaches to practical mindfulness based interventions, positions me to be of practical help to Social Care organisations as they transition through times of change or negotiate specific challenges .
All of my work is responsive to the presenting situation and each training or support intervention is practical, participatory and person centered. All training and refreshers are available online ( I use Learn Upon platform), face to face or blended.

Suite of Services Available

Organisational Clarity
Celebrating Success, Learning and Adapting
Culture and Leadership
Staff Wellbeing

Organisational Clarity

• Whole Oraganisational approach to Vision, Values, and Strategic Goals underpinning the work,
• Strengthening governance with Boards and senior management teams,
• Building Board capacity through one to one supervision and coaching, and
targeted training on roles and responsibilities
• Scoping exercises on possible future directions for the organisation within
the wider sectoral shifts.
Culture and Leadership
• Whole organizational approach to embracing best practice in current management and leadership styles through workshops, trainings, individual and team coaching, and development of position papers and policies.
• Targeted interventions with individuals, teams, and whole organisation addressing issues of concern and promoting real engagement with organizational culture and leadership style.
Staff Wellbeing
• Listening Exercises
a) With staff teams focused on building staff trust and engagement in the
process of change and identifying key issues of concern for senior
management and Board to address,
b) With persons supported focused on developing practical strategies for
accountability to each individual and inclusion of their feedback on the process as it progresses, and developing habitual advocacy as normative within a rights based approach within Social Care,
• Wellness in the workplace programmes and activities,
• Employee assistance programme focusing on coaching and mindfulness
based interventions.


Staff training courses, modelling of best practice, and refresher courses across key areas:
– Supervision – incorporating the key shift towards a coaching approach
– Reflective Practice and Team Coaching
– Facilitation skills
– Debriefing
– Key Worker Training – promoting both accountability and leadership within a defined framework
– Staff induction – providing new members of staff with a map of the current culture, structures and processes within which they are being asked to deliver on their particular role
– Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
– Wellness in work
– Mindful Leadership – for Team Leaders, Middle and Senior Management
Celebrating Success/ Learning and Adapting
– Strategies for tracking and celebrating success –both in the internal and external environments,
– Facilitation of whole organization creative conversations to address areas of ‘stuckness’, resistance to change and overwhelm, and to identify strengths based, creative responses Dee Hennessy phone: 086-8539227
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