Reflecting on the values underpinning our work in Disability/ Social Care


Reflecting on changes within Disability/ Social Care Sector in Ireland

I am currently doing some writing out of my experience of supporting human care organisations in Ireland, often through periods of transition and challenge. The intention of the writing is to provide some reflective space for articulating the values that underpin the work. I hope to help us to reflect on  progress, successes and challenges in relation to the core ethos and values of an organisation as it progresses through ongoing professionalisation, external oversight and rights based approaches.

I am very interested in hearing from people working in the sector who might be willing to share something of their personal journey in this work context. If you would be interested in contributing to this reflective piece through a case study or an insight or some conversation about your own experience as a worker in this area please get in touch. All information will be treated confidentially with no sourcing of insights or case studies used in the piece.

The timeline is between now and mid-December, and the invitation to participate is quite open ended – simply if you are passionate about the social care/disability sector and want to help us to take stock and intentionally plan to be the best we can be in the near future – wellbeing for those supported, family members and staff – please consider sharing some of your own wisdom and experience.

Looking forward to connecting

Dee Hennessy