Mindfulness at Work….no time, no time

I offer here four steps, four moments that if practised daily might be transformative for you if you too are spending our days in a too busy, stressed and stretching workplace.

Mindfulness at work – Step One – Take one moment

Really just step back for sixty seconds – look out a window and notice something, or breathe and notice the sensation of breathing, or stand and feel your feet on the floor – choose one of these and do it for one minute every day.

Mindfulness at work – Step Two – Slow one thing down down

From your long to do list on any given day choose just one activity that you will do slower – maybe in a meeting really listen, writing an email – take some time and care with it, washing the floor focus all of your attention on just washing the floor.

Mindfulness at work – Step Three – Be Grateful for something

Even on the most frustrating day do not leave work without finding something to be grateful for in that day – better still if it is possible to thank someone for this.

Mindfulness at work – Step Four – Be Kind to someone

Make it your intention to be kind to one person in the workplace each day – even if it is only to say please or thank you.

Finding peace where we are – experiencing moments of mindfulness at work

Mindful faciltation


Practising these four steps simple as they are will not be easy but will over time shift perspective so that we may be better able to read Mary Oliver’s poem below and smile.

Wishing you well, happy and peaceful in your work and in your life.



I Go Down To The Shore


I go down to the shore in the morning
and depending on the hour the waves
are rolling in or moving out,
and I say, oh, I am miserable,
what shall—
what should I do? And the sea says
in its lovely voice:
Excuse me, I have work to do.”
― Mary OliverA Thousand Mornings