Happy May Day

A different May Day but a fresh new month

We cannot enjoy life if we spend our time and energy worrying about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. If we’re afraid all of the time, we miss out on the wonderful fact that we are alive and can be happy right now.

Tich Nhat Hanh, ‘Free from Fear’

Coping……Managing ……Flourishing

When I reflect back over the last five weeks I recognise my journey as a natural human response to the deep shock of the world wide pandemic that has upended what I now recognise was my cosy easy life. I had finished working with a wonderful local cancer support centre and was just beginning to reconnect with my Mindfulness work. Looking back now I am amazed at how quickly I snapped into action to respond to social distancing and self isolating. As a troglodyte I can hardly believe how I almost immediately learned the basics of zoom and moved my existing course online. Only a very small number of those who were attending my three weekly sessions in Kilkenny at the time transferred to our online space. I felt the loss, not wanting to leave people abandoned half way through a mindfulness course, and I had to be patient with myself and ask for patience from those who attended my first tentative zoom sessions as I struggled to get comfortable with the technology. I worked really hard and long hours over the first few weeks, really wanting to serve people and also wanting to have work to do even if the majority of it was unpaid. In my personal time I kept myself extremely busy too – engaging in the washing, cleaning, gardening and baking that helped so many of us to self regulate in the early days and weeks of the pandemic. I also felt it was helpful to attend as many online mindfulness sessions as possible as supports for myself.

And then one day I found myself very, very tired and I slowed down a lot. I allowed myself to step back from the crutch of busy-ness and to feel my sadness for all the suffering, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, and also yes moments of excitement of new ways of being and working opening up.

Taking time to notice the beauty

And so I am slowly getting over the initial shock, learning to sit with the reality and taking much time and space for self compassion as I also offer compassionate spaces for others I am happy that I am able to make the following offerings, and I also welcome enquires re how I might create new supports to meet particular needs. But my real gift to you this May Day is the suggestion to slow down, take time, sit, be in nature – let it do its healing work as we individually and collectively manage the seismic shock to our whole way of living and being and understanding our world. So I am no longer working long days or available to respond to all requests. Having benefited from great supervision I am rediscovering – or more accurately discovering the art of presence, being in pandemic times, – more of this in another blog I think. But for now wishing you well, safe, and ease.

Appointments Available Cross Professional Supervision Caring robust support during these challenging times . Visit Supervisors Association of Ireland  (saivision.ie) for more information and my registration details. One to one and group appointments available via zoom. 

Free Mindfulness Practise led by myself and colleagues from MTAI (Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland) 

Seven days a week, two practises a day 9 am and 9pm. Join these zoom sessions directly from www.mtai.ie home page. All welcome to drop in.Weekly 

Free Sunday Mindfulness Practise Circle

A weekly time for mindfulness practise and to support each other.

Every Sunday beginning Sunday from 7 to 7.30pm

Join URL:  https://zoom.us/j/643674866

Feel free to join any Sunday and the same link can be used every week.

Coming Soon

Finding our Steady Heart – four week mindfulness and resilience course 

Saturday May 30th 

Online  Mindfulness Practise Workshop 

 I am delighted to offer a three hour online Mindfulness Practise workshop on  on Sat May 30th . I have participated in this workshop online myself, and I am happy that it is a really resourceful, grounding experience.  We work from 10 am to 1pm with a 30 minute coffee break. For more information and to book your place please visit https://www.mindfulfacilitation.com/workshops-retreats/

 From Tues June 2nd

Online Mindfulness and Compassion Course

Beginning on Tuesday June 2nd from 7pm to 8.30pm  and continuing  for eight Tuesday evenings until Tuesday July 28th. The full day of practise which will also be online will take place on Saturday July 11th  from 9.50am to 3pm. For more information and to book your place please visit https://www.mindfulfacilitation.com/workshops-retreats/