Reflecting on the values underpinning our work in Disability/ Social Care

  Reflecting on changes within Disability/ Social Care Sector in Ireland I am currently doing some writing out of my experience of supporting human care organisations in Ireland, often through periods of transition and challenge. The intention of the writing is to provide some reflective space for articulating the values that underpin the work. I…

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Mindfulness and Heartfulness – engaging with the world

Mindfulness starts with awareness and the ability to be present to whatever is helping us to live with more ease and choice with whatever are the circumstances of our life.  Heartfulness on the other hand  builds on mindfulness and evokes a response in us –  calling us to loving action in the world. For some…

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Self Care for Carers – Three things you need to know

Many people find themselves in the role of full time Caregiver at some point in their lives, and this reality then shapes much of their day to day existence and often reduces freedom to live life , pursue career, relationships, passions and interests as they would like. The word Caregiver describes  such a wide variety…

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