Mindfulness in Covit 19 days.

If you’re feeling extra anxiety these days due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, you’re not alone. This pandemic has us all facing more stress and uncertainty than usual. During this global crises we all need pathways to calm, clarity and open heartedness. With a little support we can come home to ourselves and find our own peace no matter what the circumstances or weather of our lives at the moment. Connecting with this inner calm helps us to regulate ourselves and to be there for others. No previous experience of mindfulness is necessary to learn now practical ways to restore and relax  your mind, body and spirit.

Peace through practise

I teach practical mindfulness which you can immediately apply to your life. Mindful self-compassion which is the foundation of emotional healing—being aware in the present moment when we’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy, despair, confusion, and other forms of stress (mindfulness) and responding with kindness and understanding (self-compassion). Mindful self-compassion also means holding difficult emotions—fear, anger, sadness, shame and self-doubt—and ourselves, in loving awareness, leading to greater ease and well-being in our daily lives.

Mindful self-compassion can be learned by anyone. It’s the practice of repeatedly evoking good will toward ourselves especially when we’re suffering—cultivating the same desire that all living beings have to live happily and free from suffering. And as the Dalai Lama says, self-compassion is the first step toward compassion for others.

I have developed specific new courses, workshops and retreats to support us to maintain wellbeing, build resilience and make meaning in these pandemic days. Please visit https://www.mindfulfacilitation.com/workshops-retreats/ to keep up to date with new offerings.

I am also offer one to one work mindfulness, supervision and spiritual companioning via zoom. To learn more about these services please visit https://www.mindfulfacilitation.com/one-to-one/ .

Taking time to notice an be at peace with ourselves and at home in the world


Sunday Mindfulness Practise Circle

A weekly time for mindfulness practise and to support each other.

Every Sunday at 7pm. Email deehennessy01@gmail.com to register an receive zoom meeting id and password. Feel free then to join any Sunday as the same link can be used every week.

MTAI daily meditation practise

Irish mindfulness teachers, who are members of the professional body Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland  are reaching out and inviting you to join us in taking a pause & connecting with this moment.  We hope that together we may de-escalate anxiety levels and foster a sense of community.  Sessions take place daily at 9 am and again at 9pm. I take turns with some of my colleagues in guiding these sessions which are open to all and especially welcoming those with no previous mindfulness experience who might be looking for some safe anchors and support in these days of more than usually high levels of stress. These free 30 minute daily online mindfulness sessions can be accessed through Zoom

My particular way of being in the world is hugely informed by my years of studying with great teachers from both Eastern and Western Wisdom Traditions. My work is very simple now. It is about:


Deep Listening



Part one of four videos -Mindfulness in Covid days
For when you need to connect with stability and grounding
Compassion meditation for anxiety

Upcoming Events

From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

Evening Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Finding Peace Where we are

Morning Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

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Professional Qualifications

The quality of mindfulness intervention varies greatly and regulation within this profession is still at an early stage. I am happy that my own studies to MSc level is with the evidence based and world renowned  Jon Kabat Zinn led Mindfulness Based Stress  Reduction programme. I have have a strong commitment to my own practice  for over twenty years including participation in annual retreats, and regular CPD training and supervision. All of my work is informed by both this lived experience  and my studies of Eastern and Western Wisdom Traditions.

  • Masters in Mindfulness Based Interventions ( UCD) 2018
  • Diploma in Cross Professional Supervision ( An Chroi Wisdom Institute) 2019
  • Diploma in Groupwork,  Mundelein College Chicago
  • Diploma in Business and Life Coaching, Tipperary Institute
  • Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Skills,  Institute of Cultural Affairs Brussels
  • Diploma in Supervision,  Social Care Training Ireland
  • Diploma in Therapeutic use of Mindfulness, Irish Mindfulness Institute
  • Certification in Ignation Spiritual Direction
  • Bacc Philosophy,   Milltown Institute Dublin
  • Bachelor of Divinity,  Milltown Institute  Dublin

Membership of professional bodies

  • All Ireland Spiritual Guides Association BOM member (AISGA)  www.aisga.ie
  • Spiritual Directors International  (SDI)  www.sdiworld.org
  • Anamcharadas  www.anamcharadastraining.com 
  • Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland ( www.mtai.ie)   
  • Supervisors Association of Ireland  (www.saivision.ie

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