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Welcome to Mindful Facilitation and to all things Zen - a calm, focussed response to stress through mindfulness.

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Zen is about  a  state of focus that incorporates a togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without the distortion usually created by our own thoughts. Mindfulness is an evidence based, experiential way of moving towards this zen way of being in the world.


I am practising Mindfulness  now for over twenty years.  I also  have a lifetime of experience in  providing organisational and individual Leadership Coaching, and one to one Wellness , Supervision, and  Spiritual Companioning sessions. Whatever it is that brings people to me,  in our work together  the energy has always  focussed in some way on helping people  to  discover Zen in what are often busy and  overstressed lives.

Zen for Busy Days


So now as I move towards my elder years it is my joy to continue to do just that - meeting individuals and organisations where they are at, and supporting them through a variety of mindfulness practises to move forward. My particular way of being in the world is hugely informed by my years of studying with great teachers from both Eastern and Western Wisdom Traditions. My work is very simple now. It is about:


Deep Listening



During our initial session together I will talk  little about these four ways of being in the world and how these might support you in your particular quest or challenge.


One to one wellbeing sessions for mature women leaders - a calm, focussed response to stress through mindfulness


If you are a woman, professional, a leader or entrepreneur  aged forty plus with a big passion for living well with meaning, and peace of mind body and spirit I may be the Zen coach for you.

Maybe your need is for  leadership coaching, supervision, stress management or exploring life's big questions.I work in person at Mindful Facilitation Kilkenny and online.


Healthy Organisations- a calm focussed response to stress through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a positive, practical, scientifically proven practice. We know from an increasing body of neuroscience research that the practice of mindfulness lessens an individual's stress and anxiety, while strengthening their capacity focus, resilience, confidence and compassion. Recent research  on the impact of mindfulness on teams and organisations  also finds that 'injecting a corporate culture where  mindfulness becomes a shared practise at work that permeates processes and interactions between teams results in the  whole organisation becoming more effective and sustainable.( Case Western Reserve University 2016). The converging evidence is compelling so that the corporate world now embraces mindfulness as 'a way to keep our brains healthy, to support self regulation and effective decision making capabilities, and to protect ourselves from toxic stress' ( Harvard Business Review Jan 2015).

The route to increased workplace wellbeing, health and happiness can be supported by a variety of mindfulness based interventions, each tailored to meet the specific need.

  • Wellbeing audits,
  • Healthy workplace strategies,
  • Resilience talks, and trainings
  • Employment Assistance Programmes ( EAP) - One to one evidence based Mindfulness Based Interventions to support individuals experiencing stress and overwhelm
  • Mindful Leadership workshops
  • Mindfulness at Work training
  • Zen mindfulness retreats.


Bespoke Mindfulness Training and Retreats -  themes include :

  • Mindfulness and Heartfulness,
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ( MBSR)
  • Mindfulness and Compassionate Living ( MBCL)
  • Resilience,
  • Mindful Leadership,
  • Supervision,


It has taken me a while to embrace online presence but I am catching up. Online courses are in development as is a membership site early in 2019.

'We cannot stop the waves but we can learn to surf.' Jon Kabat  Zinn

Professional Qualifications

The quality of mindfulness intervention varies greatly and regulation within this profession is still at an early stage. I am happy that my own studies to MSc level is with the evidence based and world renowned  Jon Kabat Zinn led Mindfulness Based Stress  Reduction programme. I have have a strong commitment to my own practice  for over twenty years including participation in annual retreats, and regular CPD training and supervision. All of my work is informed by both this lived experience  and my studies of Eastern and Western Wisdom Traditions.

  • Masters in Mindfulness Based Interventions ( UCD)
  • Diploma in Cross Professional Supervision ( current in An Chroi Wisdom Institute)
  • Diploma in Groupwork,  Mundelein College Chicago
  • Diploma in Business and Life Coaching, Tipperary Institute
  • Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Skills,  Institute of Cultural Affairs Brussels
  • Diploma in Supervision,  Social Care Training Ireland
  • Diploma in Therapeutic use of Mindfulness, Irish Mindfulness Institute
  • Certification in Ignation Spiritual Direction
  • Bacc Philosophy,   Milltown Institute Dublin
  • Bachelor of Divinity,  Milltown Institute  Dublin

Membership of professional bodies

  • All Ireland Spiritual Guides Association (AISGA)  www.aisga.ie
  • Spiritual Directors International  (SDI)  www.sdiworld.org
  • Anamcharadas  www.anamcharadastraining.com 
  • Irish Mindfulness Teachers Network    www.mindfulnessteachersnetworkireland.ie
  • Supervisors Association of Ireland  www.saivision.ie


Some of my clients


Zen at Work - Corporate

As a Wellbeing Consultant I have over twenty years experience looking after employee engagement through Wellness Programmes  including healthy workplace audits and strategies, wellbeing talks/ workshops, Mindful Leadership , Wellbeing Mentorship and Resilience Training, Individual and Team Supervision  and off-site Zen at Work  retreats.

Get in touch so we can explore  how best to engage your employees, reduce absenteeism through stress, increase morale and boost your organisational health, wellbeing and performance.


Ph 086-8539227


Zen Musings

Towards ordainary things in ordinary places

Towards ordinary things in ordinary places As part of my  interspiritual  intentional mindful living I continue to reflect on what living in this way calls me to in the world. I have been writing and reflecting on some of the work that I do and what it means to live intentionally in the challenges and…

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Client Testimonials

Great course Dee was amazing & so knowledgeable & welcoming.

Mindful Leadership in Social Care  Social Care Ireland Dublin May 2nd 2018


  • An opportunity to reflect and focus on myself for the day. How I can bring some techniques of mindfulness into my workplace and love life, be in better control of myself in situations.

  • The practical elements of the day, gives you the chance to feel the benefits of the mindfulness.

Mindful Leadership in Social Care  Social Care Ireland Dublin May 2nd 2018 


'Dee was authentic and realistic on the topic, a great mix of practise  and theory’

Participant on Introduction to Mindfulness Glosna House May 2016


“Dee’s test dedication to the task and her capacity to deal with even the most difficult of clients made her a true asset”

Martin Mc Donagh

Dublin County Council ( RAPID Co-ordinator)

 As a facilitator, Dee works well with people and is at ease so that she supports individuals to participate in a way that makes them feel they are in control of their own destiny...the only regret we did not find her and work with her before"

Eamon  McCann CEO Post Polio Support Group


Mindfulness is very necessary in our lives today, even more so in children;s lives where everything is hectic. This course has given me insights and tools to bring mindfulness into my classroom’.

Feedback from Teacher on Mindfulness for Teachers course Kilkenny and Cork 2015


'I found the course very helpful both personally and professionally. It was really worthwhile and insightful’

Feedback from a teacher on Mindfulness  for Teachers course held Kilkenny and Cork 2015

'Wonderful, fabulous, calming, emotional – I loved every minute of it ‘.

Feedback from a teacher on Mindfulness  for Teachers course held Kilkenny and Cork 2015

‘Enjoyed the different ways mindfulness was explained/ demonstrated. I really enjoyed this introduction to Mindfulness, and I will now take it further in my own life.

Cathy Power

Introduction to Mindfulness  Glosna House May 2014 

'Very relaxing course. I gained a lot of insight over the week’.

Feedback from a teacher on Mindfulness  for Teachers course held Kilkenny and Cork 2015

‘ Great course that will benefit me personally and professionally’.

Feedback from a teacher on Mindfulness  for Teachers course held Kilkenny and Cork 2015

'I loved how Dee did not bombard us with handouts and information – this course was experiential – so practical’.


Feedback from a teacher on Mindfulness  for Teachers course held Kilkenny and Cork 2015

‘Very enjoyable and I learned a few tips’

Margot Hennessy

Introduction to Mindfulness Glosna House May 2016 


“Her work is highly professional and I have always found her service to be great value for money"

Stephan Byrne

Director, St Canice’s Community Action Project, Kilkenny

“Dee’s work was thorough, grounded and insightful. Deirdre’s commitment and tenacity greatly contributed to the success of the project."

Alan Dunne

CEO Disability Federation Ireland

“Thanks to your excellent facilitation. We are now ready to forge ahead with confidence, and, make out presence felt, thanks to your excellent work with us."

Marie Boland

Chairperson PPSG Social Support Committee

“Dee is a calm
leader in her field”

Paddy Fitzpatrick,

Comfort Keepers South East

‘Enjoyed the course very much – thank you.’

Ethel Twomey

Introduction to Mindfulness Glosna House May 2014


“Wonderful gift for myself. Delighted to have received it. Grateful for Dee’s facilitation’. 

Sandra Kelly 

Participant on Introduction to Mindfulness Glosna House May 2016


“Dee Hennessy approached the work in our project with care and commitment; she remained positive and non-judgemental at all times and her input to the organization, in a short time, has been very valuable.”  

 Margaret Griffin

Board Member, PALLS Project, Limerick 

“Dee is a talented facilitator, with the courage to take on seriously challenging issues and work through them. She is at her best when managing complex, and sensitive organisational situations"

PJ Cleere


“Feeling relaxed and very well informed about Mindfulness – really enjoyed it’

Ann Redmond 


“We have worked with Dee on many community development projects over the last 14 years. She has always been a professional you can trust to get you a result and who works well with different groups of people. Dee also offers very good value for her excellent work.” 

Declan Rice CEO Kilkenny Leader Company


Very relaxed environment our facilitator really knew her stuff and was passionate about the content, great group work.

Mindful Leadership in Social Care  Social Care Ireland Dublin May 2nd 2018 


Wonderful – if a follow on to this course was available I would love to attend’

Feedback from previous MBSR course participants ( Kilkenny April/May 2018)


“A calmness I have not felt in years – a truly new learning experience’ 

John  Hennessy

Participant on Introduction to Mindfulness Glosna House May 2016


'Would not change anything about the day – very worthwhile, thank you Dee’. 

Janet Gooman

Participant on Introduction to Mindfulness Glosna House May 2016


Practical ‘practices’ how to incorporate into daily life. 9 leadership qualities confirming skill we have already, exploring areas to enhance. Identify differences between manager/leader and naming them.

Mindful Leadership in Social Care  Social Care Ireland Dublin May 2nd 2018 


The facilitator was fair and respectful to people different views and level of mindfulness. 

Mindful Leadership in Social Care  Social Care Ireland Dublin May 2nd 2018