Mindfully at Home in the Cosmos Six Day Silent Retreat Ballyvaloo August 19th/25th

Mindfully at home in the Cosmos Six Day Silent Retreat

Mindfully at Home in the Cosmos six day silent retreat Ballyvaloo Aug 19th /25th 2017

The objective of this offering

Ours is a time of radical cultural change that often leaves us uncertain about how to find meaning in our lives, where to find our peace and joy. Living in this time of change we may find ourselves stuck, motivated by fear, and disconnected from the joy that is ours. We are caught between the urge to be ‘good’ – as defined by contemporary society – and our own longing to be free and authentic. This offering is an opportunity for each of us to address this existential in our own lives.

The process

This is an invitation for you to take some time apart to be supported through a simple routine of mindfulness, short inputs, process time and ritual to:

  • Come home to yourself, and to
  • Experience yourself as loved and loving within our new understandings of the cosmic community.

This mostly silent experience will be facilitated through a simple routine of mindfulness, short inputs, individual time, group sharing, and ritual.

You will have an opportunity in a supportive space to:

  • Learn core mindfulness practises in a way that supports you to continue the practise at home,
  • Explore with others (through reflection and discussion on the work of key thinkers in the area) our expanding understanding of the origin and development of the cosmos, and of our place within it,
  • Experience and contribute to ecology based rituals, and karma yoga (when possible) that will deepen our connection with our earth community, and provide you with practical supports for continuing community building at home.

The sources for the retreat are leaders in the fields of mindfulness and cosmology/ ecology, as for example , Tich Nath Hanh , Thomas Berry , Judy Canato, Illia Delio, Richard Rohr, and Satish Kumar.

Feedback from Pilot Programme

We have presented this work at the invitation of the Nano Nagle Centre Ballygriffen Co. Cork over six days to sixteen participants. (June 24th to 30th 2016).

At the end of the pilot we invited the participants to fill out an evaluation sheet, choosing one of four categories: very good, good, fair or poor. From a total of twelve feedback sheets received eleven participants rated the organisation as very good, and one as good. Similarly seven rated the process as very good and five rated it as good.

‘Pace of the programme was excellent, lots of time to be, to walk, sit and reflect’.

‘ Well thought out, gentle and inviting us to practise what we were able for ’.

‘ I loved the dance movement – thanks for all the input, creativity and learning. There was a lovely freedom and friendliness ’.

‘ I cannot imagine how much preparation went into it ’.

‘ I came away refreshed, challenged anew, gentler, and hopefully more compassionate ’.

‘ Particularly welcome was the freedom offered to participants to take an active part in our own contributions in the movement, dance, poems etc.’

‘ A very restful and peaceful experience; nourishment for body and spirit ’.

‘ Liked the integration of Cosmology, Ecology and Mindfulness, with emphasis on compassion’.

‘ I am delighted I did this and came away nourished – a lot of food for thought and not to be so cowardly – I’m ready to take some small steps to start with’.

‘ A big THANK YOU. For me compassion was at the heart of it – how you both presented your inputs and how connected you were with each other. Dee you have a wonderful gift for listening ’.

‘ Delighted to have been here, and delighted to have experienced the whole process.’

‘ The two of you, Des and yourself worked very well together. Thanks to you Des, great new insights. You created great freedom of speech within the group, all was accepted’.

‘ It was not just a retreat. It was a source of great energy, strength and peace. I am so grateful – I liked the idea of different insights from the different writers I know of.’

In view of this feedback we feel that our work meets a current need and we would now like to present it as widely as possible. We are open to doing this work in a variety of formats, short introductory sessions, a single day, over a weekend or in a longer format.

The Presenters

Des is currently chaplain in the Central Mental Hospital Dublin. He previously lectured in philosophy in the Milltown Institute, and was pastor in Glasthule Co Dublin and Ballyhahill Co Limerick. Des is an experienced retreat facilitator and spiritual companion and has worked in USA, Wales and Ireland.

Dee is a facilitator and mindfulness practioner, with a passion for supporting individuals and groups to benefit from Mindfulness. Dee is a trained theologian and spiritual director. Dee works with individuals and groups throughout Ireland and online, and designs and delivers workshops, retreats and trainings within education, community and social care, and ecological contexts mostly in response to client requests. She also provides one to one mindful coaching and spiritual companioning. To learn more about Dee and her work visit: www.mindfulfacilitation.com.

Dee and Des co-facilitated a five day residential Easter retreat in Emmaus Dublin in 2015, and a six day pilot of the current work in the Nano Nagle Centre in Cork 2016.

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