Feedback from participants

Feedback from former presentations of the retreat

We have presented this work in differentforms and in two centres, the Nano Nagle Centre Ballygriffen  Co. Cork, (a six day silent retreat) and an afternoon presentation in Suaimhneas Cappakeel, Emo Co Laois. The feedback we received from both of these was very positive and encouraging. Some of the comments are quoted below:

‘Pace of the programme was excellent, lots of time to be, to walk, to sit and reflect’.

‘It was not just a retreat. It was a source of great energy, strength and peace. I am so grateful – I liked the idea of different insights from the various writers I know of.’


‘The retreat was very grounding.’ ‘I enjoyed the day.’


‘The presenters were very knowledgeable and deeply passionate about the content. A lovely mixture of sitting, moving, walking, etc’.


‘I enjoyed the afternoon. I went home feeling more connected and less alone.’


‘The gentle affirmation and encouragement – we cannot do everything, we can begin to come to ourselves and the universe’.

‘Well thought out, gentle, and inviting us to practise what we were able for’.


‘I came away refreshed, challenged anew, gentler, and hopefully more compassionate ’.


‘Particularly welcome was the freedom offered to participants to take an active part in our own contributions in the movement, dance, poems etc.’


‘A very restful and peaceful experience; nourishment for body and spirit ’.


‘The two of you, Des and yourself worked very well together. Thanks to you Des, great new insights. You created great freedom of speech within the group, all was accepted’