Mindfulness at Work….no time, no time

  I’m way too busy….for Mindfulness at Work I have recently completed some consultancy work with a large disability organisation  that is undergoing a significant change management process with all of the business and stress that comes with that. People working in all levels of the organisation are stretched – doing more, coping with change,…

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Simplifying the day

I live alone and work for myself. I live in a small country cottage, have a lovely semi wild garden, and get to watch the cows from the neighbouring farm come and go from the milking parlour while I work at my desk. A lovely, quiet, simple life…slow pace, no pressure…..Even so I can find…

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A reflection on Christmas

Christmas is the time of remembering the God spark breaking into the world in both the most ordinary and yet extraordinary way. In the same way as human beings growing into our particular way of being ‘fully alive’ , we are often called to new beginnings, new ways of being ourselves and of bringing the…

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