Celebrating Mary Oliver

  I have been enjoying reading so many people sharing how Mary Oliver touched their lives with her poetry. She has accompanied me for many years as I try to find my place ion the world. I thank and credit her for my growing sense of breing at home with myself and within the cosmos.…

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Towards ordainary things in ordinary places

Towards ordinary things in ordinary places As part of my  interspiritual  intentional mindful living I continue to reflect on what living in this way calls me to in the world. I have been writing and reflecting on some of the work that I do and what it means to live intentionally in the challenges and…

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Loving kindness towards ourselves – building resilience and compassion in the world ‘We are all just walking each other home’    Ram Dass I could not say when I first came across this quote from Ram Dass but in a way it is foundational to who I am , shaping my whole way of being…

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Reflecting on the values underpinning our work in Disability/ Social Care

  Reflecting on changes within Disability/ Social Care Sector in Ireland I am currently doing some writing out of my experience of supporting human care organisations in Ireland, often through periods of transition and challenge. The intention of the writing is to provide some reflective space for articulating the values that underpin the work. I…

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Mindfulness and Heartfulness – engaging with the world

Mindfulness starts with awareness and the ability to be present to whatever is helping us to live with more ease and choice with whatever are the circumstances of our life.  Heartfulness on the other hand  builds on mindfulness and evokes a response in us –  calling us to loving action in the world. For some…

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Supporting wellbeing and happiness within Social Care/ Disability Sector

‘We cannot stop the waves but we can learn to surf’ Jon Kabat Zinn Supporting Social Care Organisations with governance, management and ongoing developments in good practice especially through times of transition. Mindful Facilitation Experience in supporting Social Care I have over twenty year’s experience in supporting Social Care organisations in Ireland. Building on my…

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Mindfulness at Work….no time, no time

  I’m way too busy….for Mindfulness at Work I have recently completed some consultancy work with a large disability organisation  that is undergoing a significant change management process with all of the business and stress that comes with that. People working in all levels of the organisation are stretched – doing more, coping with change,…

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Stress – an integral part of our lives


Recently I have been teaching a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course ( MBSR), at the heart of which is an understanding of stress as a reality, and a useful resource to us humans if we can only  shift our ways of dealing with it, even slightly. Jon Kabat Zinn wrote about stress in his ground…

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Three little steps to a more Mindful You


Mindfulness meditation – with its roots in buddhism, its track record in stress reduction through Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programmes, and its increasing role in business through Mindful Leadership modules in MBA programmes, appears here to stay. We can say it works, not only because of the work of neuroscientists who show us how…

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